Your Weekly Social Scroll 📜  (03/11/2020)

Danielle Currie

November 5, 2020

Danielle Currie

November 5, 2020


Updates this week across all of the major platforms. Keep up with the latest social media news with Your Social Scroll.

Instagram Live Streams Just Got Better

Good news for yoga instructors, teachers, passionate activists and beyond - you can now broadcast your virtual classes and discussions uninterrupted for 4x as long! Time limits for Instagram Live Streams has extended from 1 hour to a whooping 4. 

Facebook Sees YOY User Growth

Despite the Facebook Ad boycott in July, Facebook’s latest performance update has revealed an increase of 35 million users, bringing the total daily active users up to 1.82 billion!

Twitter’s User Growth tells a Different Story

Unfortunately for Twitter, there’s only been a 2 million growth in daily active users this quarter compared to 20 million in the last. It’s not all bad news though - revenue growth is up 14%!

TikTok goes the extra mile in support of #BlackLivesMatter 

Did you know black-owned businesses are twice as likely to shut down, compared to other SMBs? A newly launched online hub on TikTok aims to educate Black business owners on maximising sales. 

SnapChat Best Practices for Killer Ads

With the holiday season just around the corner, Snapchat has provided detailed pointers for brands to get the most out of their snap promos! From choosing the right ad format to adding audio, these top 10 tips are sure to get you real results.


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