6 Writing Tips For Social Media Posts

Thomas Mangan

July 18, 2021

Thomas Mangan

July 18, 2021

Writing a post for your brand’s social media can be daunting. Sometimes it feels like you’re shouting into the void and other times it feels like your words are under a microscope. 

However, there are some basic strategies that you can use to easily write engaging social media posts that will have your brand trending - for all the right reasons.

So before you start writing your next Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn post, check out these 6 tips to make it more engaging, memorable and clickable. 

1. Keep your posts focussed on one idea

A good rule of thumb is one post, one idea. By keeping your posts succinct and to the point it's easier for people to focus on what you’re trying to tell them and take action. 

However, that doesn't mean that each post only has to be one line. A longer form post can be a great way to really unpack an issue. Many influencers use this tactic to create heartfelt content. 

When rereading your posts just double check that everything in it is relevant to the point you're trying to make. If it isn't it probably deserves a post of it's own. 


2. Plan content taking inspiration from your calendar

Timing is everything on social media and this is especially true around major calendar events. As part of your initial planning, mark out any special days that would be important for your brand.

You certainly don't need to celebrate every obscure holiday and festival with some sentimental gabble about the importance of the national umbrella day for your brand, but giving your content a seasonal spin can be a nice way to keep your communication evolving throughout the year.

It's easy to draw a blank when writing a post for a special occasion. One useful tip is to open a blank doc (or pen and paper if you prefer) and jot down the first 20 - 30 post ideas you have. It doesn't matter how cheesy or silly they are. The process of writing them out will help your mind to focus on what you're trying to say.

Review what you've written and there will be good bits here and there that you can craft into a great post that fits your brand's tone and identity. Riding the wave of interest around special events can be an easy way to draw attention. 

Virgin Atlantic celebrates Mother’s day on their feed. The caption also teases the content, encouraging people to watch the video. 

3. Let the visuals tell the story

Images and videos can make the difference when you're trying to capture people's attention and stop those thumbs from scrolling. 

The pictures you post are entirely up to you and your brand but a few sure winners will be bright colours, pictures of people and emotion. These are more likely to capture people's attention. 

The types of captions you write might vary. A picture of your newest product might stand alone with just a few lines about how great it is. Whereas, a picture of your amazing team out at an event might need a longer explanation to get the best impact. 

This can also be true of videos. As they are typically longer form, most of the information is there in the footage. A short teaser text might be the only thing necessary to get people to click play. 



4. Research your writing looking at competitors & market trends

Great marketing begins with a true understanding of your audience. If you are unsure either how to get through to your potential customers, or can't quite put your finger on who they are, it's time to put your researchers hat on.

Competitor analysis is a quick way to help you better understand how other brands are using the different social platforms.  Try to identify the key content pillars that your close competitors are using, and note the frequency of their posts.

You can see what type of posts get the most engagement and make a similar post yourself. It's worth noting you shouldn't straight up copy their content. Not only could that land you in legal trouble, it can ruin your reputation online. However, If you see that a competitor recently posted about their new environmentally friendly packaging successfully, it might be an idea to craft a post flaunting your own eco credentials. 

5. Script a video to create engaging posts

Video posts are possibly one of the most powerful tools you can use on social media right now. And video means no writing, right? No, a good video is built on a good script. 

Even if it's just a few bullet points you put down before hitting record it's critical that you have a clear message in mind. If not your video can turn into a flurry of ums and ahs whilst you get your thoughts in order. 

Video can be a really natural and authentic way to connect with your audience. There's often no need for big production value, all you need is a mobile phone and decent lighting. As it's naturally engaging you can take your time to explain something that would have looked like an unappealing wall of text. 

A great strategy to produce a lot of content on a single topic is to create a long form "deep-dive" video, then slice out snippets which can repurposed into short and snackable content for social media.

Check out Hello Social's 2 minute takeaway series, in which we share nuggets of knowledge taken from longer form content on our blog and Youtube channel.



6. Keep your CTAs on the soft side

Don't try and f*?k on the first date!  If you want your readers to do something after reading your post, go for it, but try and take it step by step.

As a content producer it's your job to make sure your writing is appropriate for the platform you are posting on. Social media is not always a platform with a high purchase intent, but it's great for discovery and encouraging engagement with your brand.

Content marketing is a little different from running PPC campaigns, and users have little patience for a hard sell being shoved down their throats.  You may be surprised however how much time they are willing to dedicate to "learn more" or "view our full collection". 

Savvy marketers know how their social channels fit in the sales funnel, and having the confidence to push the right buttons at the right time will amplify your sales along side your authenticity.

Write your social media posts with confidence

Use these simple tips to take your social media posts to the next level. With well written posts, you can make the most of the free publicity and build a loyal audience that wants to engage with your brand.

When in doubt, keep it short, sweet and to the point. Remember that people use social media to catch up on what's going on in the world. So don't be shy, tell them why you're amazing and they will be sure to tap like.

If you need help planning your social media strategy, or just want to call in the pros to handle it for you, drop us a message below.


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