5 Unexpected Industries That Are Killing It On TikTok

Daniella Brenner

May 17, 2021

Daniella Brenner

May 17, 2021

Over the last year to 18 months, we’ve started to see some clear trends emerging from industries nailing their content on TikTok. Some of which exist amongst some pretty unexpected industries with their audience frothing over their content time and time again.

So why is their content doing so well?

  1. Trending topics matter - timely and relevant content shines on TikTok.

  2. Authenticity - the people in the videos are authentic and it’s that real feel that makes these TikTok videos so well-liked.

  3. Consumable - the content is presented in a short and snappy way, while also being informative. This allows you to have a takeaway users will remember.

  4. How-to’s - people love to learn new things, and TikTok is a great platform to consume content like this.

So let’s get to the good stuff.


Here they are - the top 5 unexpected industries killing it on TikTok:

Lawyers/ Legal advice

An area that people predominantly bucket as boring and dry has become a booming sector on TikTok. Clocking over 7M likes for his video, @lawbymike has nailed producing interesting and relevant content for users.


Make sure you know this next time you need to deal with the cops. #lawyer #lawyers #law #laws #lawyerlife #lawyertiktok #lawfirm #lawtiktok

♬ Whoopty - CJ

He shares simple and practical nuggets of information that appeal to the masses and turns them into digestible videos where people can take his advice on board. It just shows that even the most stereotypically dry industries can be interesting - case and point.



Talking money can be extremely complex, with so many elements to understand. For those willing to make the complex simple, this has created an awesome niche for content creators to deconstruct this typically tricky space. 

Meet Tori, the woman behind the account @herfirst100k. She's positioned herself as a money expert, giving simple advice on the best way to meet your savings goals, where to start, investing and more.

With 5.6M likes of her channel, you can see she’s hit the jackpot, building an audience who appreciate this advice and information. What makes her videos so good is how she presents the content, playing into the fun and creative native elements of TikTok to convey the information. This makes the content super easy to digest and watch, with people taking away really practical tips and having fun watching it at the same time - you’ll be rolling in dollars in no time.



Who would have thought content about back stretching would be so, well, cracking? One guy making waves is Dr Remix. He integrates pain relief stretching tips into popular trending TikTok songs to give simple and easy advice to help relieve pain in a safe way without his audience having to resort to seeing a doctor straight away.


Try this stretch to help your back! Excuse my lame vocals. Just a 29 year old tryna stay trendy. 😂 #TexansHelpingTexans #chiropractor #doctor #pain


Why does it hit the spot? It’s catchy, informative and taps into popular songs - so it’s not surprising over 2.7M people have liked this video.


Parenting Industry

A growing area of popular content on TikTok is mums giving parenting tips. We told you earlier, TikTok really is a platform for all (so tell your mum - or maybe not if you don’t want her following you). One example is @alypain, who classifies herself as a relationship expert, giving advice to other parents on how to end baffling blowups & painful disconnection with their teens. 

Why does this resonate so well? Mostly because it’s so damn relatable to its intended audience so it’s no surprise the video has 611K likes. This space is continuing to expand with many other accounts starting to share content in this sector.


Home renovations

With shows like The Block and House Rules blowing up with 1.7M combined viewers for their episodes each week, the home renovation sector is a great one for people to share their hacks and tips. It’s becoming an industry where content has become really popular, especially with everyone spending so much time at home thanks to the pesky rona. Also, home renovations are expensive, so who wouldn’t you want tips on how to make this cheaper?

One example of this is @thesidneyrain who has started creating a couple of videos on bathroom renovations, showcasing how this can be done on a small budget. With the renovations at low price points, she’s able to tap into a really broad audience, making it something anyone can do. And just like that, we’ve seen the growth in popularity of these types of videos as a result.

The key takeaway here is the sheer demand for short-form content in 2021. According to a study by Vidyard, 56% of videos created by businesses today are two minutes or less, and the audiences are definitely responding to this. 53% of videos that are 90 seconds or less are watched to completion, compared to a 10% completion rate for videos 30 minutes or more.

When creating videos for your brand, think about what these TikTok creators are doing right - short, snappy, fun, humanly relatable, yet educational content will most likely this year win the prize, and capture the eyes of your chosen audiences.


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