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Brent Barnhart

June 2, 2019

Brent Barnhart

June 2, 2019

If you’re in the SaaS space, you’re expected to maintain an active social presence.

But doing so is often easier said than done.

For starters, not too many SaaS products may seem very “sexy” to social consumers. Growing your follower-count often feels like an uphill battle if you’re stuck in a “boring” industry.

Oh, and don’t forget just how crowded the SaaS space can be. Australia alone is home to over 1,600 SaaS startups and hundreds of app developers. There’s plenty of competition in the social space for any given niche.

Don’t let these challenges discourage you, though.

For savvy SaaS brands, social media is an absolute goldmine for uncovering new users and fostering an community around your product.

And in this guide, we’ll highlight some specific strategies in social media marketing for SaaS products. No matter what you’re selling, these tips can lead you toward a better ROI for your time spend on social.


1. Put Your Company Culture Front-and-Center

Spoiler alert: social media marketing for software products isn’t solely about, well, products.

Sure, you can certainly drive sign-ups and demos via social (and we’ll talk about that later).

But consider that social media is people-centric. It might sound cliche, but a bit of personality can go a long way to encouraging followers to care about your product.

For example, software giants like Google have made a name for themselves by highlighting their company culture, creative workspaces and employees.

1. LifeatGoogle

Think about the different types of company culture and how social media can help you position yourself.  Are you more of a laid back, beer-in-the-office type of company? Do you want to be seen as an elite player in your industry?

Depending on your mission statement and goals, there are no “wrong” answers. Publishing content that goes “behind-the-scenes” and showcases your talent is a good start, though. Doing so is also a great way to get your coworkers involved in building your social presence.


2. Position Yourself by Publishing Industry-Specific Content

As noted, much of social media marketing for SaaS products is about positioning.

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to build up your reputation and make your voice heard is through sharing company content. Whether it’s long-form blog posts or educational videos, relevant resources should your primary content pillars

Remember what we said about people-centric content? Social media is likewise a prime place to brag about your customer success stories. The more social proof you can build around your product, the more buzz you can build as a byproduct.

On a related note, monitor your mentions for shout-outs from customers or other accounts relevant to your industry. Earned media is any shape or form again proves that what your selling is up to snuff.

However, your content calendar shouldn’t solely be focused on your company or product.

Don’t be shy about sharing content from other industry players and publications. Sharing buzzworthy stories shows that you’re keeping up with your industry - doing so also provides an opportunity to put your brand’s creative stamp on any breaking news or trends.

3. Provide Regular Updates on Your Products

SaaS companies are expected to roll out new products and features on the regular.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but social media is a prime place to keep your customers up-to-date on what you’re currently working on.

Sharing frequent updates not only serves as a reminder for your followers to check out your product but also shows that you’re actively trying to improve as a business.

Whether it’s a text post, a screenshot or explainer video, make a point to keep your followers in the loop.

You can likewise use product updates to build hype toward a special announcement. Considering that you probably aren’t coming up with features or new products frequently, this approach to promotion can help get your followers excited about an upcoming launch.


4. Curate Feedback from Your Customers

The beauty of social media is that businesses have a constant, one-on-one line of communication open with their customers.

When it comes to SaaS products, the ability to go back-and-forth with those customers is crucial.

For example, think about customer service concerns or outages that could have an impact on a user’s bottom line. Also, consider how responding in a timely manner signals to customers that you actually care about them as people versus just users.

Monitoring your mentions and listening to customers is a must-do on social media. The team at Bear does an awesome job of noting and reacting to their mentions and crafting personalised responses to each one.

8. nige

And if you’re hunting for ways to improve your product, who better than your own customers?

9. bearapp feedback

Although you can’t take each and every suggestion to heart, you’d be surprised at the good ideas your users have which you can use to influence your product strategy.


5. Make Yourself Visible at Industry Events

For SaaS companies, in-person events represent massive marketing opportunities.

There are tons of meetups, hackathons and conferences happening a regular basis which serve as a way to get your business’ name out there.

When attending events, make a point to document your experience and likewise take advantage of the event’s hashtag. This again shows that you’re an active player in your industry while also serving as a great way to entertain your followers.


Events are especially popular for Instagram Stories, allowing your business to go behind-the-scenes and yet again put your business’ personality on display.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 15.58.47


6. Show Off Your Products via Video

Video marketing is booming for businesses of all shapes and sizes right now and SaaS is no exception.

For the sake of entertaining and simplifying an otherwise complicated product, video is a game-changer. Rather than try to explain yourself to death, you can let a 30-second video do the talking.

Whether through DIY videos, third-party apps or professional animations, video content is invaluable for winning over modern customers.


7. Drive Sign-Ups with Demos and Webinars

Of course, social media marketing for SaaS products also means scoring new sign-ups and subscribers to your service.

You obviously have the opportunity to acquire leads through updates and content marketing, but what sorts of posts are most likely to result in conversions?

For many SaaS brands, the answer is a combination of product demos and/or webinars.

You don’t have to look hard to find brands promoting their webinars via social media and email alike.

For example, Campaign Monitor regularly hypes their new and past webinars on Twitter...

...and also points their Instagram bio to their latest posts, webinars and promotions to drive even more sign-ups. 


Webinar and demo promotions also serve as great opportunities for ads. For example, you can use Facebook remarketing ads to promote an event or trial to folks who landed on a piece of content but never actually signed up.

This Facebook ad success story from Drip proves that social ads are totally fair game for SaaS companies. In fact, Drip managed to win six times more subscribers from this ad versus paid and organic search combined.

16. drip

Who said you couldn’t produce a positive ROI from social media?


How Does Your SaaS Company Approach Social Media?

Take a look at the top SaaS brands out there and you’ll see a common thread.

They all have an active, creative social presence.

Although SaaS companies certainly have a lot on their plate, social media shouldn’t be an afterthought. In fact, it’s arguably one of the best places to position your business and drive new sign-ups at the same time.

And if you’re curious as to how else your business can make it happen in addition to the tips above, feel free to contact Hello Social to see how we can help.


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