Interview with an Influencer: The Drone Man (Adam Krowitz)

Genevieve Maslin

June 1, 2018

Genevieve Maslin

June 1, 2018

Adam Krowitz, better known as The Drone Man has amassed a following of over 36,000 loyal instagram fans, inspired by his creative use of drones in creating stunning photography and videography.

His spectacular visual aesthetic and sense of adventure has taken him to some of worlds most beautiful locations, where he captures a unique perspective using technology both in the sky and on the ground. 

The quality of Adam's work, and the critical mass of his following continues to attract leading brands to seek out collaboration and exposure through his unique and personal channel.

We caught up with Adam to talk about how he became a social media influencer and how he's managed to turn his passion into a successful career.

How long have you been an influencer for?

Since approximately 2016 when I first joined instagram. Very humble beginnings but I focused on my small following with utmost importance. I kept it super personal.

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What channels are you big on?

Currently just instagram under the handle @thedroneman 

What topics are you influential in?

All things drones, camera, editing and general life help for those who were as clueless as I was between the ages of 16-26.

I try to teach people the lessons I learnt the hard way in order to save them the time.

How did you initially start to grow your following?

Very slowly. I was lucky enough to have connections with friends with larger audiences who gave me a leg up but at the end of the day I just focused on providing value and asking for nothing in return. Over time I began gaining followers through word of mouth. 

How many hours a week do you spend working as an Influencer and all that goes with it?

At least 8 hours a day creating content/planning content and replying to DM's and comments.

Do you take the photos on your own or do you have assistance from someone else?

I take all my photos myself. Both drone, ground pictures and videos.

What equipment do you use (Camera/software/editing apps)?

I shoot on a Sony A7Sii for all ground related work and for the drone work I shoot on a DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

Do you have a manager to take care of the business side of things?

I've recently grown the team due to necessity and now have a full time manager to help assist with the day-to-day correspondence with clients and to help free up time to focus on creating.

What are 2 of your favourite posts that you’ve ever done and why? 

This one I watch whenever I need to be reminded how lucky I am and how amazing this world is. 


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And this one because it sums up the feeling I get when I think of this beautiful city we live in that I'm lucky to call my home.

Do you use any tools to help you manage your account?

None whatsoever. 

Do you know the demographics of your following?

18-34 majority males.

How has your experience been working with brands?

Amazing. I try to work with brands that I would actually use in my life so that I don't feel like I'm selling out to my audience. 

What are some of your favourite collaborations and why?

I collaborate with other creators like @seefromthesky and @arranwitheford who take amazing drone photo's that I edit. @seefromthesky is able to animate them too which gives an extra wow factor.

What are some dream brands you would like to work with? 

Audi, QANTAS, DJI, Mercedes and Fox Sports.

What advice would you give to brands looking to work with influencers?

Let the influencers do what they do best. The less micro-management the better.

How do brands generally contact you?

Through email or instagram DM. Sometimes directly via phone too.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to become an influencer?

Be patient. Nothing good happens over night. Be willing to work for free for the right people and make as many connections as you can. It's lonely at the top so be prepared to make sacrifices and have all the responsibilities be on you. 


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