How to Get Verified on Instagram: The Social Seal of Approval

Rebekah Carter

July 9, 2018

Rebekah Carter

July 9, 2018

Craving approval?

Whether you're a growing business, a personal brand, or a creative mind with an eye for stardom, there are few things more valuable in this world than validation.

Because human beings are naturally social creatures, we feel more valuable when we earn the support and recognition of others.

Just consider the fact that 5-star ratings can improve click-through levels by up to 28%, for instance.

The marketing world runs on validation.

So, what could be more beneficial to a growing organisation, than a visible "seal of approval" on their social media pages?


In a world where 800 million people are Insta-active, the Instagram blue tick is a virtual badge of honour demonstrating a company's success and credibility.

Instagram verification is instant validation, ready to promote a business or group to new heights. It says, "Hey look at me, I'm important."

The question is, how do you get Instagram verified?


How to Get Verified on Instagram: What Verification Means to You

Essentially, Instagram verification tells the world that your social account is authentic.

As customers become increasingly cynical, that extra authenticity is a great way to boost the potential of your social media marketing.

After all, people want to know for certain that they're spending their time and attention on the real Hugh Jackman, not some Wolverine wannabe.

1. Hugh Jackman

Besides letting people know that they're following the right person, Instagram verification can also help your brand in other ways. For instance:

  • It shows authority: The Instagram blue tick is highly desirable - it's not just handed out to any old account. According to Instagram: “Only some public figures, celebrities, and brands have verified badges.” Getting that seal of approval sets you apart from your competitors and shows that you're someone worth following.
  • It eliminates the risk of identity theft: There are few things more important to a company than their brand. Instagram verification ensures that no-one takes the other individuals impersonating your organisation seriously.
  • It helps you network: Being Instagram verified makes you part of the "in" crowd. It may be superficial, but when other influencers, big brands, and potential partners see your blue tick, they'll be more driven to work with you.

So, how can you convince Instagram that you need that beneficial blue badge?


Step 1: Prove that you Need to be Instagram Verified

Everyone wants to be Instagram verified.

That blue tick next to a username is incredibly elusive, which also makes it hugely desirable. Of course, it takes more than longing to convince Instagram that you deserve your badge.

You can't just want it; you have to need it.

About 80% of Instagram users follow their favourite brands on the platform, and every one of those people wants reassurance that they're connecting with the right person.

You want to see Ruby Rose's authentic Instagram snaps - not the pics posted by one of her biggest fans. That's why Instagram prioritises verification for "Accounts that represent well-known figures and brands."

In other words, if you're at risk of social identity theft, then you could qualify for the Instagram blue tick.

2. Ruby Rose

Show the Instagram moderators that you risk being impersonated, and they'll whip their stamps out quicker than you can say "Insta-Famous."

Of course, that doesn't mean you should start creating fake accounts or behaving suspiciously to push the social channel into action. You're still going to need to follow the rules. Just try to keep a low profile for a while and see if other people try to cash in on your growing presence.


Step 2: Promote Yourself and Your Brand Constantly

If you're wondering how to get verified on Instagram, earning a billion followers might not be the answer.

As mentioned above, keeping a low profile increases your chances of impersonation, which prompts the Instagram moderator team to act. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be promoting yourself at every opportunity. It simply means that it might be better to focus on your other social channels instead.

Look at Miranda Kerr, for instance. She has a killer following on Instagram of 11.7 million fans! But she doesn't just appear on one social network.

3. Miranda Kerr

Miranda also has a hefty presence on corresponding social channels like Facebook too:

4. Miranda Kerr 2

The more popular you are on alternative social channels, the more likely it is that you'll show the public, and Instagram moderators, that you deserve to be Instagram verified.

After all, the more popular you are on a range of sites, the more you come across as a true internet celeb. What's more, the fact that Facebook owns Instagram means that if you're Facebook verified, Instagram is bound to pay attention.

Promote yourself on parallel platforms by:

  • Sticking to a regular social schedule: Post videos, pictures, and updates as often as you can to delight your audience and attract new fans.

  • Creating amazing content: As always, content is king online. Make sure that you're posting the things your audience want to see - whether it's "how to" articles, or live videos.

  • Having a personality: People are more likely to connect with and advocate for brands who have a discernible tone of voice. Differentiate yourself with the right attitude.


Step 3: Work on Being as "Visible" as Possible

Visibility is critical in social media marketing.

At Hello Social, we're constantly working with other brands to give them the best "presence" on their social channels. After all, if you don't have a visible and valuable brand, there's nothing for Instagram to verify.

There are a few ways you can boost your visibility with earned media and social media strategies. For instance, you can try Instagram hashtags. Similarly to Twitter and Facebook, hashtags on Instagram make it easier for customers to find you when they're looking for related topics. For instance, check out how Liam Hemsworth promotes his upcoming movie with popular tags like #ComingSoon:

5. Liam

The best bet with hashtags is generally to use a combination of branded terms, and popular options like "#Instagood" or "#TBT."

Just make sure the tags you pick are relevant, you're not going to get the Instagram blue tick with a spammy account.

You can also boost visibility by:

  • Investing in influencer marketing: Get popular mini-celebrities or reputable figures in your space to give you a quick shout-out. This is a great way to grow your following and boost your credibility.
  • Cross-linking accounts: Link back to your Instagram account from your other social media pages, press releases, interviews, blog posts, and even your email newsletter
  • Engaging with your audience: Spend time responding to the comments customers leave on your pages and take advantage of Instagram insights to plan content that resonates with the right people. Like any social strategy, Instagram is all about making a connection.


Step 4: Follow the Rules

When you're desperate to be Instagram verified, it's tempting to cut some corners.

Social media marketing is hard, and it takes a while to see results - but no matter what you do, make sure that you follow the rules.

Instagram moderators aren't just there to dole out account-boosting blue stamps - they're also incredibly efficient at spotting attempts to game the system.

Image02-2As you work on building a reputation in your space, make sure you're playing by the book. In other words:

  • Never buy followers: You're not going to get Instagram verified by buying your way to the top. Instagram can spot fake followers, and they often mean that you end up with a lot of traffic, but very little engagement. That's not what you want.

  • Don't be spammy: Instagram and its users will never see you as an authority if you're constantly posting comments with links back to your page, or branded hashtags.

  • Follow the community guidelines: Check out the "rules" page and make sure that you're not doing anything that could harm your presence. You don't want to be the guy banned from Instagram for posting the wrong pics.

Sometimes, you just have to be patient and follow the rules. Notice that "Five Seconds of Summer" isn't just lazing around on their social channels - they have a hefty 2,182 posts to their name:

6. 5SOS

Stock up on awesome photos that draw followers to your account and post them at the right time.  According to CoSchedule, that's:

  • Between 8 am and 9 am
  • On a Monday or Thursday
  • 9 pm for Videos


Step 5: Ask, and You Might Receive

Last, but not least, you could always try asking to be Instagram verified.

Instagram tells us that it's "not currently possible" to request an Instagram blue tick - but that might not be the case. You're not likely to get a badge this way, but it's still possible. You just need to reach out to the right people.

For instance, you can try working alongside a PR company that represents a lot of big-name celebrities. If someone asks to be verified and they're connected to the same organisation that represents Chris Hemsworth, for instance, they're more likely to get Instagram's attention.

7. Chris Hemsworth

You can also connect with the Instagram support team or talk about Instagram verification with the team at Facebook. If you're a big spender on Facebook ads, or you have a lot of followers there, then the team could help with your Instagram goals too.

Ultimately, discovering how to get verified on Instagram isn't easy, but it is doable.

You'll need to promote yourself, follow the rules and make the right connections, but with a little focus and a lot of effort, you'll soon be boasting about your badge to all your friends.


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