Don't Buy Facebook Likes

Max Doyle

February 17, 2016

Max Doyle

February 17, 2016

Why Buying Facebook Likes Is Social Media Suicide

I understand your plight as a Facebook marketer, you spend hours each week creating highly targeted content but the likes just don’t come fast enough. You take a sneak peek at your biggest competitor who has 5,000 more Page likes. Meanwhile, your Page can’t get past 250 fans and you’re running out of options.

Until one day you decide to buy Facebook likes from a shady agency that is promising you the world. You know it’s wrong, but for $50 you can get 5,000 Facebook followers in under 24 hours. The deal is done, there’s no going back.


The result of buying Facebook fans

The deal has been made, and 24 hours later they deliver as promised. The results:

5,000 new fans (good) - For only $50 your Business Fan Page has received 5,000 new fans. You now have more likes than your biggest competitor.

Well done, but don’t open the champagne just yet.

Lower EdgeRank (bad) - Facebook’s algorithm uses the EdgeRank system to measure how much organic reach updates receive. The more inactive fans a Facebook Page has, the lower EdgeRank, resulting in reduced organic reach.

Since you have just bought 5,000 fake Facebook fans, 95% of your entire fanbase will never engage - your EdgeRank has been destroyed.

Trust and credibility questioned (bad) - At first glance, having 5,000+ Facebook followers looks very credible and legit, but when you start posting updates and receive only 7 likes, visitors will know something is up.

Here’s the perfect ironic example of an agency selling cheap Facebook likes with 4,653 fans and 2 likes on their last post:

buy likes

qantas_buy like_01








Now let’s compare their like statistics:


Qantas has received 7% more likes this week than the week before, while Buy Likes have seen a 20% drop. A 0.4% total like increase may not seem like a lot but that’s 2,673 new likes for Qantas, while Buy Likes achieved 4.

600+ likes and 242 shares is great for branding, while 2 likes on a comment with 4,500+ fans does more harm than good.

Facebook has been around a very long time, users know something is up when a Page with thousands of likes receives less than 5 likes on an update. This will reflect poorly on your business.

Skewered analytics (bad) - One of the secondary benefits of managing a Facebook Page is the data it collects on fans. Data such geographical location of fans, gender, interests, age demographics and much more. Sadly, you just paid for 5,000 Facebook likes and all measurable data is useless.

Your data shows the majority of your fans are coming from Asia, and it becomes almost impossible to segment real fans from fake fans.

Increased advertising costs (bad)  - That $50 you spent buying Likes for your Facebook Page will cost you more when you advertise later. Every future advert you promote, a sizeable portion of your budget will go to delivering ads to fake Facebook users.

Loss of fake fans (neutral) - Facebook is always on the hunt for fake accounts and deletes millions each year. The $50 spent to acquire 5,000 fake fans will eventually be removed by Facebook, you’d be better off using that to promote genuine Facebook ads.

Removing users (bad) - After you feel the consequences of your actions, you’ll be the one left to clean up the mess. Your only option to removing fake fans is to delete them one by one. If you’ve bought 5,000 fans and we assume it takes 30 seconds to delete each fan, that’s 25 hours or half the work week wasted!

Now, obviously you never bought cheap Facebook likes, but if you did, this would be the typical scenario. Buying fake FB likes can totally ruin your Page to the point of having to start all over again, potentially ruin your brand and even cost your business its custom Facebook URL.

The benefits of paying for fans using agencies is an illusion, there are no benefits, just problems.


What are you paying for exactly?

There are two types of people who interact with your business, they are:

  1. 1. Prospects (people interested in buying, customers, business contacts, leads, etc.)
  2. 2. Everyone else
  3. When you buy cheap Facebook followers you get everyone else. You don’t even get real people, you get fake accounts which are created solely for the purpose of liking Facebook Pages.

What use are they to your FB Page? Will they ever buy your product? Will they ever share your content? Do they even know anything about your business? The answer is no.

What you’re essentially paying for is to have a big number under your Facebook Page. Visitors are “wowed” by your Page likes, but then see your posts and notice less than 5 fans decided to engage.

Now they think something is up and doubt about your business has been created. When people have doubts about a business, they will go elsewhere.


Where do these fake fans come from?

Doing a quick search on Google, you can find you several questionable agencies who offer cheap Facebook fan buying services. One agency I came across stated:

“We're able to attract thousands of real human fans that are engaged and interested in your content.”

Don’t be fooled by these false promises, this is just fancy copy that isn't backed by any real data. Most of your bought fans will come from Asia, a region well known for their Facebook like farms.

The truth is nobody can provide you thousands of real humans fans that are interested in your business without using the Facebook Advert Manager. But even if they could, why would they only charge $50?

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

If you manage a local or nationwide business and the majority of your Facebook fans are from India and China, what will new prospects think when they see ‘customers’ are from Asia and not Australia?  Alarm bells will go off.


Why brands buy FB Likes

When you start a Facebook Page, it’s hard to get it moving. Nobody interacts with your content and it feels like you’re wasting your time. Perhaps your boss has set some difficult goals and wants a huge following in an unrealistic timeframe, or maybe you think nobody is going to like your FB Page unless there's a thousand likes there already.

Ultimately, desperation leads to buying artificial likes. Your back is up against the wall and you don’t know where to turn. Paying for Facebook likes is the easy solution for a temporary-fix, but that’s all it is. Before long, you will be facing the same problem again but on a much larger scale.


Why you should never spend a penny on paying for Facebook followers illegitimately

Lack of value - Spending your marketing budget on attaining fake likes arguably provides the worst ROI within social media marketing. Bought fans are like robots, they will never buy or interact with your business. That’s not even the worst part, purchasing fake fans may flag your account and leave your business permanently banned from Facebook.

It’s not ethical - Most marketers know purchasing fake likes will result in near 0% engagement, so why do they do it? To shape consumer perception by tricking them with the amount of likes their FB Page has.  

You may live by the at any means necessary mantra, but this is just wrong. A respected business is one that builds loyal relationships with their customers, not one that tricks them into taking the desired action.

You’re going backwards - You create a Facebook Page to grow your business and move forward, not to go backwards. Testing various updates, copies, images and videos becomes irrelevant event when 95% of your fans don’t engage, every metric will be skewered.

You will never know what works and possibly ruin Facebook as a marketing outlet for your brand.


The proper way to pay for Facebook likes

Paying an agency or ‘like farm’ is against Facebook’s guidelines and can land you in trouble. Thankfully, there are legitimate methods to buying fans that Facebook encourages.
If you do need to jumpstart your Facebook Page, consider the following:

Promote Your Page - This option is available for all businesses who manage a Facebook Page. You create an advert with the sole purpose of gaining more likes. Facebook has a bunch of targeting features allowing you to put your Page in front of the right people.

Here’s DaPluse running a Promote Your Page advert on Facebook:


You may not get 5,000 likes for $50, but at least every like is a real person with the chance of becoming a customer further down the line.

Jon Loomer ran a test to see how much the average cost per like (CPL) was for his blog. He found the average CPL to be $0.40-$0.50:

fb cost

Source: Jon Loomer

His best placement yielded just $0.20 per page like, very reasonable. Bear in mind the CPL for your Page will vary depending on a number of different factors.

Run a social media contest - Aside from managing a Promote Your Page advert, the second quickest way to receive a bulk of targeted likes is to run a social media contest. The success to this method involves having the entry process as liking your Page.

The offer or product you’re giving away should relate to your business, this way you only receive targeted likes and have the opportunity to sell to them later down the line.

Here’s a Rubbermaid contest where they ask participants to like their Page to enter:


Contests work well because liking a Page takes only a second to win a great prize.

While there’s a bunch of other methods to gaining Page likes, using the Promote Your Page or running a social media contest are the two fastest ways to pay for thousands of targeted likes.



Facebook provides many legitimate, scalable and cheap options to buy Facebook likes that the need to use like farms totally irrelevant. When you first started your business, were you in that much of a rush to gain 10,000 customers that you paid an agency to create fake sales orders? Of course not, that would be silly.

Whether you’re struggling to build your Fan Page, can’t seem to get out of first gear or are in dire need of help using Facebook, take a deep breath and relax.

Create a Facebook marketing strategy if you don’t already have one, then figure out the best way to gain new likes. Try a Promote your Page ad, run a contest or leveraging your current contacts and tell them to follow you on Facebook. Follow the tips on our site and watch your Page blossom, if all else fails, there’s hundreds of experts who can manage your Facebook account for you.

Just don’t pay for fake likes, there’s no going back once you do.


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